About Us

Bunyip tours have been offering fun, adventurous tours for over 18 years and provide a variety of trips to suit people’s needs in an environmentally responsible way. Our team of energetic and experienced guides will take you on an unforgettable journey to Victoria’s premier destinations.

We firmly believe in small group travel, and we structure our itineraries to avoid the crowds as much as possible (which is becoming more challenging in the era of over-tourism!)

We offer tours to destinations that others don’t and have been responsible for pioneering tours to lesser-known gems such as the Mornington Peninsula & Wilson’s Promontory.

Most importantly, we pride ourselves in delivering consistently high-quality touring services that are memorable for all the right reasons.

We see every tour as an opportunity to share Victoria’s special destination with our guests, remaining mindful that for the vast majority of our visitors their journey with us will be the one & only time they visit the destination. It’s therefore critical to us that we assist in creating some wonderful travel memories and that we ensure that our visitors’ journeys are everything they hoped they would be.

We are ourselves disappointed if ever one of our guests has a less than satisfactory experience on our tours, which is why we proudly offer a guest satisfaction guarantee, with an aim to ensure that each & every one of our guests ends their experience with us on a positive note.

Follow the Bunyip & lighten your Eco-footprint

At Bunyip Tours we have audited our primary energy usage and balanced our carbon footprint by planting local native vegetation to restore biodiversity and act as a ‘sink’ for our companies carbon emissions. Bunyip Tours has been accredited by Eco Tourism Australia, by following the Bunyip you are supporting a company that is responsible for it’s impact on the environment and supporting responsible tourism.

Bunyip Mythology

Australia is an old continent full of enchanting creatures and stories. To the Aboriginal people the land was full of rich stories of dreamtime animals and characters that shaped the land and its people, forging their identity and community. The Bunyip is a mythical, dreamtime creature that is said to inhabit swamps and billabongs and preys upon those who venture where they shouldn’t go.

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