Breathtaking Views at Wilsons Promontory

Australia – Wilsons Prom

25th February 2017, by Evelien (Eef)

Wilsons Promontory is a national park located about 150 kilometers south east from Melbourne. Yesterday I was one of the lucky people who got to pay a visit to this beautiful National Park.

Jeremy & the vegetables
I got picked up from the hostel at 06:55 and after a short stop at the office we drove off to Wilsons Prom. Our tour guide Jeremy made sure we got to know each other by telling who we are and what our favorite vegetable is. My fellow adventurers were from countries such as Germany, England, the US, Finland and there even was a girl from New Caladonia. We made a short stop in the middle of nowhere where we bought lunch, which we would eventually devour once we hiked up the mountain. I really love how kind and friendly Australians are. When walking down the street of the little town we were in an old man greeted me saying “Gosh lady, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes?!” With a big smile on my face I returned to the bus and we continued our journey to Wilsons Prom.

Kangaroos, Emus and Wombats
When we just arrived at the park we hopped of the bus for a short walk to a place where we could, if we were lucky, spot some kangaroos, emus and wombats. While walking through the bushes Jeremy told us to stamp our feet – in case there would be any snakes. AARGGHH! Ok, calm down Evelien, this is Australia… You’re gonna have to deal with it! Luckily we didn’t see any snakes, but when we walked a little further we did see some emus! Yay! While Jeremy was telling us more about Australian animals we all of the sudden saw a kangaroo! The first kangaroo I’ve seen since I am in Australia! So exciting! Even though it was far away, you can still (kind of) see it in the picture (click the image to enlarge).

Climbing mount Bishop
Next on our program was hiking through the forest towards the top of Mount Bishop, a big mountain with big stone formations at the top. The hike took us through beautiful forests where Jeremy told us about the 2009 bushfires. There was not much evidence left of the damage the bushfires have done to this forest. Did you know the plants and trees that grow in this area actually need these fires to survive? Some plants, for instance, need the heat to open up their seeds.

We arrived at the top of the mountain about 40 minutes later, where we had our lunch whilst enjoying the spectacular view. It was really as if I was looking at a postcard – the view was so breathtaking! After soaking up the view we took some photos and started our hike down the hill.

Squeaking sand at Squeaky beach
Our last stop in Wilsons Prom was squeaky beach, a beach which thanks its name to the little squeaking sound the sand makes when you walk in it. The sand at squeaky beach is so white and so thin/fine, that it produces a little squeaky sound when rubbed together.

At squeaky beach we had the opportunity to go for a swim – my first swim in Australia! We were told the water would be quite cold, but if you’re a Dutchie and you ever took an early summer dive into the North Sea, then you know what cold really feels like

When the day was over we started the long 3 hour drive back to the city again. Wilsons Prom was my first trip outside of the city and I loved every minute of it. Tomorrow I’m off to see the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians. Can’t wait!

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