Official Ramsay Street Tour with Star Meeting

It has been my dream to visit Erinsborough since I was a little kid. Today was the day it finally happened. At 10:00 am, I departed Bunyip Tours office with the rest of my tour group. Our guide, Gerry was lots of fun and had all the passengers interacting and laughing all the way to Ramsay Street.

The first stop was at the studio, where we saw the outside sets. We took photos of Fitzgerald Motors, the Antique store and Grease Monkeys. We also saw Hermione and other cars from the show.

Next up, the famous ‘Ramsay Street.’ The streets name in real life is not Ramsay Street and all the house numbers are different. This was a shock to many on our group. We had the chance to explore the street and take photos of the houses. My group even had photo opportunities with the famous Ramsay Street sign.

After we took lots of photos we made our way back to the Bunyip office to meet Kim Valentine, better known as Libby Kennedy. Everyone was really excited. Kim was so lovely and answered all Neighbours related questions we had. Libby signed our special Neighbours post cards and took many photos with us all. Luckily no tourists passed out during this process!

As a long time Neighbours fan, this tour was fantastic. Meeting Libby Kennedy was the biggest highlight of the tour.  I had such a great time with Bunyip and look forward to doing the tour again!