6 Delicious Reasons to Visit the Yarra Valley

Stunning vistas, unforgettable experiences and a new appreciation for Australia. Here are as few reasons why our Yarra Valley Gourmet Tour is one that you may want to consider:

1. Yarra Farm Fresh

At Yarra Farm Fresh we get an introduction to the flavours of the beautiful Yarra Valley. The farm offers a wide variety of juicy fruits, fresh vegetables and great deal of other produce and products. Our friends at Yarra Farm Fresh are so kind as to allow us to have a sample of some of their classics.

2. DeBertolli Winery

After having warmed up your palette with some delicious fruits, we move onto the DeBertolli winery. This is one of the classic Yarra Valley wine makers with a great success story behind it. They will wet the appetite of even the most indifferent wine drinkers with their mix of classics and innovations, as well as their pièce de resistance, Noble One.

3. Yarra Valley Dairy

All of this wine is delicious, but one may get the idea that something is still missing, for what is a good wine without a flavourful cheese? We therefore visit the Yarra Valley Dairy Farm in order to satiate this desire for both hard and soft tastes for cheese. We here get to try out various kinds of goat’s milk and cow’s milk cheeses, so there is bound to be some to your taste.

4. Rochford Wines

After a morning of traveling around and debating the more refined of party refreshments, you may some cravings for lunch. For this reason, we visit Rochford Wines, an exquisite establishment that offers meals that will still the greatest of hungers. With slow cooked beef, juicy chicken shawarma and smooth salmon, all will enjoy this feast. Naturally, there are also options for vegetarian or vegan eaters among us.

5. Yering Station

After lunch, we will have our last wine tasting, this time provided by Yering station. As a winery with one of the longest histories in the valley, you would be right to expect skilfully made wines from them, and in this area they certainly do not disappoint. Yering station will give you a taste of the cream of the crop of Australian wines, and is reported to be many guests’ favourite.

6. Yarra Valley Chocolaterie

We will wrap up the day in the only way that is right after such a delicious journey: with desert. At Yarra Valley Chocolaterie we will delight in the very best of Australian chocolate, which includes everything from white to dark, and from peanuts to passionfruit. Afterwards you will be let loose in their emporium of chocolate, which will make even the staunchest of healthy eaters drool.