6 Top Lookouts along the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is one of the most famous and spectacular routes in the world. It has a length of about 240 km, between Torquay and Allansford. It was built between 1919 and 1932 along Australia’s south-eastern coast by soldiers who had participated in World War I. Practically runs near the sea so you can appreciate incredible views.

This route opens the way between impressive capes, deserted beaches, small and charming villages. Along the way you will find these most amazing lookouts in Victoria.

Urguhart’s Bluff (Aireys Inlet) is in a stretch of eroded cliffs, caliph stone and steep reefs. It’s beaches are famous for surfing.

Cumberland River Lookout (Lorne) this is one of the more beautiful river valleys in the Otways, with dramatic cliffs, and peaceful pools.

Cape Patton Lookout (Wongarra) is located just a few kilometres next to Apollo Bay you find this lookout that offers a more spectacular view of the ocean and a panorama of the long sweep of oceanic beaches that culminates in Apollo Bay. It’s a must-see stop to take photos when you’re on Great Ocean Road.

Loveridge Lookout (Anglesea) located in Anglesea, a small town on Victoria’s famous ocean road. Loveridge Lookout is on a hill on the north side of Dayang Road, across the town, where vehicles can drive straight up. Built in 1940, this simple viewing platform is made of concrete, with roofs and benches, where you can enjoy the spectacular coastline and Anglesea.

Cinema Point Lookout (Aireys Inlet) spectacular views back towards Eastern View and Fairhaven

The Gables (Gellibrand Lower) Magnificent views to Moonlight Head. Take a short walk to the lookout platform, which seems to hang off the top of the cliff, 70 metres above the waves.