Feeding the kangaroos at Moonlit Sanctuary  

One of the highlights of our Phillip Island Tours is feeding the kangaroos at Moonlit Sanctuary

The sanctuary is home to a range of kangaroos and wallabies which you can feed from the palm of your hand. There’s also a range of other Australian animals including koalas, dingos and wombats. We visit Moonlit on both on our Phillip Island Day Tour and Afternoon Tour.


You’ll meet Eastern Grey kangaroos, Kangaroo Island kangaroos, swamp wallabies, tammar wallabies, red-necked wallabies and pademelons.

Wallabies are very similar to kangaroos, but they are generally smaller and have a more varied diet. Kangaroos hang out in groups, called ‘mobs’ and wallabies tend to be more solitary animals. However, at the Sanctuary you’ll find them all hanging out together!

All of these animals have been raised at Moonlit Sanctuary of other sanctuaries, so they are very friendly and used to being around humans.


Baby kangaroos and wallabies are both called joeys. They are raised in their mothers pouch after a short pregnancy of around 30 days. Moonlit Sanctuary is a great place to see joeys. You might spot them either sticking their heads out of their mothers pouch, or jumping around with a lot of energy, testing out their legs.


You can purchase special food for the kangaroos and wallabies at the ticket office when you enter the park. Place some in the palm of your hand and offer it out to the kangaroos and wallabies. If they are hungry, they’ll come out to the path to eat.

The kangaroos and wallabies are free to roam around the sanctuary and you can usually see them among the trees along the Wallaby Walk.

Come and join us on our Phillip Island tours, so you can enjoy feeding the kangaroos at Moonlit Sanctuary as well!