Peninsula Hot Springs – The Coastal Oasis of Rejuvenation

Would you like to have a relaxing day not very far from Melbourne?

Just an hour away from the hustle and bustle of the Melbourne CBD, the calling for a relaxing bath and sauna experience is always not to far away at the Peninsula Hot Springs. The natural mineral waters that flow from the depths of the subsoil to the pools and private baths that allow the keen visitor to enjoy the pure relaxation while appreciating quiet and beautiful landscape.

At the Peninsula Hot Springs you will find more than 50 bathing experiences, including shared thermal pools, wet and dry saunas, a hydrotherapy pool, Turkish and Moroccan hammams and the frequently scheduled hilltop pool with 360-degree views over Fingal’s farmland.

In 1997, after being inspired by the hotsprings (onsens) of Japan, the Davidson brothers founded Peninsula Hot Spring with the goal of creating a beautiful space to help people connect with water and each other.  In 2018 the spa underwent an expansion that included seven new thermal pools, two amphitheater saunas, an ice cave, Deep Freeze, a wellness center, an amphitheater cafe, an outdoor stage and a cultural meeting space.

Hot Springs has won World Luxury Spa Awards in 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Currently, it receives around 450. 000 visitors annually from all corners of the world.

This destination tries to offer visitor unique experience where the body enters into a complete relaxation and in a balance with global traditions.