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Buy One, Get One Tree


The cuddly Koala has always been a favourite Australian Icon and a welcome sight found at many of the locations visited by Bunyip Tours, however the ongoing survival of Koalas in the wild is constantly under threat caused by the destruction of their habitat for human uses. Since white settlement in Australia, 80% of the Koalas natural habitat has been destroyed whilst only very little of the remaining 20% is currently protected.

Bunyip Tours recognises the responsibility it has in the overall survival of the Koala and supports the ongoing conservation of the koala and its natural habitat. In conjunction with Greenfleet, we will plant a native tree for every direct booking we receive towards any 1 Day or Multi-day Tour. This initiative will support the restoration of the koalas natural habitat, reduce our carbon footprint and help insure that future generations get to experience seeing these amazing marsupials in the wild.

For more information regarding the not-for-profit charity Greenfleet click here.

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